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Mount Pisgah Church

Reach Your Unique Life Summit with us -        the Pisgah Peacemakers 

Our Vision. A unique diverse gathering of peacemakers dedicated to encouraging and doing good around the world in the name of Christ. Romans 15:5-7

Our Purpose. To refresh lives by sharing spiritual wisdom that enable families, elders, young adults, youth and children to create lives that reach the summit of service and excellence. John 10:10b

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We pray that you are well and safe. Practicing social distancing; washing hands; avoiding face touches; eating healthy fruit veggies water meat; exercise or walking; wearing masks and gloves; shower and washing clothing after going out; staying home; vote; sending emails to our elected officials voicing your concerns;  supporting our peaceful protestors of justice for poor and oppressed people.

THE UMC ALSO SUGGESTS: Draw on your faith, scripture, and prayer • Get enough sleep • Eat healthy food • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs • Limit screen time • Relax and recharge • Keep a regular routine • Avoid excessive exposure to news media • Focus on positive thoughts

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Give Your Life to Jesus Christ

Becoming a member begins with a desire to grow and live a good life as modeled to us by Jesus Christ while doing good as part of our group.

No matter who you are or what you've done, Jesus loves and cares about YOU.
Connecting to Jesus is simple as accepting, believing and confessing so you can live a more abundant life. If you are ready, say this prayer...
Dear Jesus: I am ready to live the good life you promised me when you sacrificed your life. For that I say thank you. I seek to break every chain in my life that block the blessings you offer everyday.  I ask you now to come into my heart. Come inside my heart to transform, heal and strengthen me to live and walk with you.

In Jesus’ Name Amen.
My friend, if you prayed that prayer then CONGRATULATIONS you are brand new.

Now, it is very important to get in a Bible believing practicing church.

Please fill out the form below....

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6245 Mount Pisgah Road Nashville Tennessee 37211


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“I've been to the mountaintop and I've seen the promised land”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Praying Together
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